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I've had a dream since high school to design products that leave an impact on society, to create something that people admire, use, or simply see. I began my journey in the world of design through clothing, but it was not until I delved deeper that I discovered my true passion in the art of creation and innovation. During the tumultuous times of the pandemic, I took a step back from my studies in Business Administration at Guelph-Humber and stumbled upon Seneca's Creative Advertising program, opening a new chapter in my life's journey.

I am driven by a passion for advertising and am committed to growing alongside my clients and colleagues. My unique creativity and unwavering work ethic differentiate me, as I strive to deliver beyond expectations. I am guided by a strong set of values and principles, including loyalty, ethics, and positivity. I believe that to advance and create the greatest good, one must be bold and challenge the status quo. My loyalty to those in my life is steadfast, and I maintain a steadfast belief in the potential of those around me. Faith is a foundation for me, a belief that guides me on my journey through life.

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Feel free to contact me. I am always interested to work with new people, gaining experience via internships, or diving into a new career.

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